Expense Tracking Software

track of business expenses

In addition, business bank accounts typically come with the option for a line of credit that can be used to cover cash flow shortfalls. By decreasing the amount spent on business expenses, small businesses are able to increase their profit margins. Before business expenses can be evaluated, business owners must properly track business expenses. How to keep track of business expenses is ultimately a matter of personal preference, as there are several ways to go about this task.

  • It proves to be of great help for small business owners and young startups.
  • Also, the receipts sync with your account books, making it easy to track each transaction.
  • The data is entered automatically into the app, and no manual work needs to be done.
  • Data switching from different apps and websites are accessible remotely.
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The best thing about this world-class expense tracking software is that it is entirely free to use. On top of that, you can get as many physical how to keep track of business expenses and virtual cards for your employees as needed. The rewards from Divvy for your spending make it another reason to choose this platform.

What Is an Expense Tracker App?

Wallesteris one of the most popular corporate spending tracking platforms. It offers a one-stop-solution for all business spending needs, like tracking, recording, payment method sharing, setting up new payment methods, and a lot more. If it’s for a business partnership, make sure each partner has a dedicated credit card just for business. Then, sign up for Bench, and we’ll automatically track every business expense, no matter who paid for it. We take care of all your bookkeeping for you, importing, reviewing, and categorizing your expenses every month.

track of business expenses

She is now the Chief Financial Officer for BJM Group, overseeing finances and the acquisition due diligence process. She spends her free time with her kids, at her church, or often in a class learning something new. Kimberli is the mother of four teenagers with autism and recently helped them start a business. In her spare time, Janine enjoys cooking, reading, walks, and spending time with her family.

Tax Benefits

It will enable automatic download of all bank transactions and even categorize your expenses. You can also integrate other functions, including importing your daily transactions and downloading bank statements making it easy to reconcile statements. Also known as business deductions, ordinary and necessary business expenses are subtracted from your revenue to calculate your profits, losses and taxable income. These expenses include advertising and marketing costs, bank fees and commissions, software and utilities, office supplies, printing, postage and delivery and mileage.

Moreover, companies can get in-depth reports on different categories. Being a business manager or stakeholder, you can exercise real-time decisions on purchases and spending by disabling the card from your end. Not to mention, you can also create virtual cards for specific projects and distribute access to multiple team members. Here, you can create a customized expense page and enable your employees to split expenses. If your business demands a lot of traveling, your mileage expense can be tracked with Zoho with 100% accuracy.


Some of the most popular methods of tracking business expenses include the use of paper filing, spreadsheets, and software systems. Each of these methods focuses on organizing business expenses by specific categories and regularly updating the amounts spent in each one to discover the total business expenses of a company. Invoice2go, for example, offers advanced reporting tools that provide a snapshot of your company’s accounting data. You’ll be able to track your unpaid invoices and manage your cash flow right from the app. Our platform can integrate with your preferred accounting software platform to deliver cutting-edge solutions to tracking business expenses.

But I must tell you—the taste might be a little less sweet when you find out you missed out on a tax break or didn’t hit a legal deadline. But by staying organizedand learning tax lawsrelevant to freelancers, managing your moneyis nothing to be afraid of. Categorize them and add general descriptors such as inventory, travel, office space, etc. A reimbursement transfers an expense from a person to a business using three steps. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google privacy policy and terms of service apply. Consult a qualified tax advisor if you’re unsure of whether an expense can be deducted from your tax return.

What are business expenses?

But if you miss an expense during the year, your profits end up looking bigger than they really are, and you pay unnecessary taxes. It’s an area of business where you actually get taxed for making mistakes. Don’t confuse receipts with your actual tax records, which should be stored for a period of at least seven years from the date of filing.

How do you keep track of daily business expenses?

  1. Step 1: Open a Business Account.
  2. Step 2: Choose Accounting Software.
  3. Step 3: Connect Your Financial Institutions.
  4. Step 4: File Your Receipts.
  5. Step 5: Review Your Business Expenses.

You don’t have to fuss around with formatting or figuring out formulas, just download the spreadsheet, and you’re ready to go. Some of these spreadsheets track specific company expenses, while others provide a simple, high-level summary of your expense history. For example, a travel expense spreadsheet tracks travel-related expenses, like lodging and meals. A monthly expense spreadsheet provides an overview of your total monthly spending. They are better than spreadsheets and paper receipts, as the data stored in the cloud keep all the documents in one place for as long as you want,” Holmes added.